Dr. Tomasz Walczak – Vice President, CTO

Tomasz Walczak, Ph.D., is the founder and vice president of Euros Energy Ltd. He specializes in the area of building energy efficiency. He has many years of experience in heat recovery ventilation systems, heat pumps, refrigeration systems as well as automation and control systems. As president of Euros Energy until 2020, he led a number of major implementation projects – including a machine room supplying heat, domestic hot water and cooling to the new building of the Marshal Józef Piłsudzki Museum in Sulejówek, and the installation of ground source heat pumps for the Bell Sp. z o.o. cosmetics factory in Józefów ( Since April 2020, as vice president of Euros Energy, he has been focused on expanding innovative applications of heat pumps: both in housing ( and industry (Turvita dairy in Turna).

Dr. Tomasz Walczak also has experience in the field of research and development. Under his supervision, Euros Energy carried out R&D projects in the last 5 years, which allowed for the introduction of a series of innovative products (such as the EUROS GEO PRO series of modular high-power geothermal heat pumps for industrial applications, the EUROS ATMO series of air source heat pumps, the EUROS GEO ground source heat pumps, and the compact hot water heater with a heat pump). Dr. Tomasz Walczak also managed two large R&D projects co-financed with public funds in accordance with the PRINCE2 methodology:

  • “The Development of Technology for Manufacturing Compact Domestic Hot Water Heaters with Heat Pumps,” carried out in collaboration with Warsaw University of Technology as part of the GEKON program. The project was successfully completed.”
  • “Shaping the Profile of Electricity Demand while Saving Energy Consumption and its Cost without Interfering with the Profile of Demand for Utility Energy.”

Tomasz Walczak, PhD, is the creator of a new type of heat exchanger protected by the Polish Patent Office. He is co-author of one utility model (RWU.066391) and four patent applications (P419954, P419955, P419956, P419555).

Dr. Kamil Kwiatkowski – Director of Research Projects

Dr. Kamil Kwiatkowski obtained his master’s degree in Physics with a specialization in “Environmental Physics” from the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw in 2007. In 2013, he also defended his doctoral dissertation entitled “Dynamics of Gasification and Combustion of the Obtained Gas” at the same faculty. The dissertation, defended with distinction, is an example of an industrial doctorate supported by the Foundation for Polish Science as part of the VENTURES grant for the development of research with high application potential. The research involved the optimization of an innovative industrial biomass gasification plant with a thermal capacity of 3.5 MW. The work was awarded in the 6th edition of the “Mazovian Innovator” competition.

The scientific and development work conducted by Dr. Kamil Kwiatkowski is focused on energy acquisition processes and sustainable development. The scope of Dr. Kamil Kwiatkowski’s work includes numerical modeling and optimization, experimental work and research, as well as industrial implementation.

Dr. Kamil Kwiatkowski was associated with the Faculty of Physics and the Interdisciplinary Center for Modeling at the University of Warsaw, where he, among other tasks, coordinated the implementation of a part of the tasks in the European project EuHIT – European High-Performance Infrastructures in Turbulence. In the ShaleSeq project, he investigated the possibilities of extracting natural gas through carbon dioxide sequestration in shale formations, working with the Polish Geological Institute and PGNiG. He also participated in the NCBR strategic program concerning the gasification of hard-to-dispose-of biomass waste, where he worked on the development of the installation in Szepietowo.

From 2014 to 2017, Dr. Kamil Kwiatkowski was Deputy Director of the University Center for Research on the Natural Environment and Sustainable Development (UCBS UW) and a member of the Scientific Council of the UW Interdepartmental Environmental Studies. He was also a member of expert groups and teams, including the expert group “Local Dimension of Energy” operating within the Team for the Development of the Renewable Energy Industry and Benefits to the Polish Economy of the Minister of Climate, the Economic Team operating within the Distributed Energy Competence Network.

For more than three years, Dr. Kamil Kwiatkowski has been conducting and coordinating industrial research and development work at Euros Energy in the areas of thermal energy storage in the ground, optimal use of heat pumps, and technical and economic analyses for large-scale and customized heat pump implementation projects and integration of heat pumps with other technologies. Since 2021, he has served as Director of Research Projects.

Hirsch index according to Scopus: 9, over 300 citations,
Hirsch index according to ResearchGate: 9, 370 citations, over 18,800 reads,

Dr. Eng. Marcin Bugaj – Head of R&D Laboratory

Dr. Eng. Marcin Bugaj has been working as an Assistant Professor at the Warsaw University of Technology since 2013. From 2016 to 2019, he held the position of Head of the Laboratory of Renewable Energy – Solar Technologies and Heat Pumps at the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and since 2019 he has been serving as the Head of R&D Laboratory at Euros Energy.

During his work at the Warsaw University of Technology, he participated in the construction of a so-called “living laboratory” – an energy installation that powers a real object at 25 Janka Bytnara “Rudego” street. The installation consists of two heat pumps, flat collectors, vacuum collectors, PVT collectors, PV installation, and a heating network node. Dr. Eng. Marcin Bugaj developed and implemented an algorithm for the cooperation of heat pumps supported by a solar installation with a thermal node.

Dr. Eng. Marcin Bugaj also served as the chief energy engineer for heat and cooling at the Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences. As part of his work, he managed a multi-source energy system and implemented proprietary algorithms to manage the operation of individual sources and the entire system. Dr. Eng. Marcin Bugaj designed and supervised the construction of new research stations. Already at the end of his first year of work, he was awarded the Director of IMP PAN award for his outstanding contribution to the development of the Institute.

Furthermore, as a result of his cooperation with KEZO CB PAN and Professor Lund from Aalborg University, several innovative research papers and publications were created. In addition, Dr. Eng. Marcin Bugaj is the author of a series of publications on the modeling of solar collectors along with the validation of their mathematical models, the optimization of PVT structures in ground heat exchanger regeneration systems, the assessment of the quality of photovoltaic systems, and multi-source renewable energy systems used for polygeneration (including “Adsorption chiller in a combined heating and cooling system: simulation and optimization by neural networks,” Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Technical Sciences, 2021; “Optimization of PVT geometry in application of ground heat source regeneration,” in: COMPUTATIONAL TECHNOLOGIES IN ENGINEERING (TKI’2018); “Experimental study on the operating characteristics of a carbon dioxide transcritical heat pump combined with a single stage two-bed adsorption chiller and a PV installation in a low thermal district heating system”: A case study, in: 4th International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and 4th Generation District Heating: Book of Abstracts; “Assessment of primary energy savings through implementation of solar and heat pump hybrid in Warsaw district heating system,” in: Book of abstracts: 3rd International Conference on Smart Energy Systems and 4th Generation District Heating).

Currently, Dr. Eng. Marcin Bugaj is the head of the heat pump laboratory at Euros Energy and the R&D Manager of the local mobile energy dock based on heat pumps. On a daily basis, he is involved in the design and research of new pumps and the development of energy systems and their control algorithms.

Jakub Garbacik, M.Sc. – TRNSYS modeling engineer

Jakub Garbacik received his Master of Science degree in Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering from the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology in 2019. He defended his thesis titled “Numerical analysis of a device for minimizing the height of the wall layer in a wind tunnel” with a very good result. During his studies, he became fascinated with numerical modeling and gained experience in the Student Circle of Vehicle Aerodynamics, where he used numerical modeling to determine the aerodynamic drag of the Kropelka 2.0 vehicle with minimal fuel consumption and validated the results in a wind tunnel.

At the end of 2018, Dr. Eng. Marcin Bugaj joined the research and development team at Euros Energy, where he participated in the research project “Shaping the profile of electricity demand while saving energy consumption and cost without interfering with the demand profile for energy use.” In his research work, he was responsible for numerical modeling of the lower ground source of heat pumps. The result of his work was the development of the concept of Ground Energy Storage, which uses the vertical ground exchanger as a short-term heat storage. He presented the results at conferences such as The 13th International Energy Agency Heat Pump Conference, Jeju, Korea, April 26–29, 2021 (Publication of a scientific paper in conference proceedings, paper #351, pages 1898-1907) or the VII National Geothermal Congress, 2021

Since 2021, he has been working on the development of large-scale renewable energy-based district heating systems. He creates prototypes of solutions and models them in Python. Currently, he coordinates the work of the modeling team in TRNSYS and develops concepts for controlling heating systems.