Our offer to the heating industry includes comprehensive consulting services for:

  • Development and calculation of a comprehensive RES transformation project based on data analysis and TRNSYS numerical modeling.
  • Development and calculation of projects for solutions based on heat pumps and seasonal heat storage.
  • Use of waste heat as a bottom source for heat pumps.

Delivery of heat pumps and heat pump-based solutions, as well as seasonal heat storage solutions tailored to district heating needs:

  • Design, delivery, installation, and servicing of containerized heat pumps and high-temperature heat pumps machinery rooms.
  • Design and delivery of heat pump machinery rooms along with seasonal heat storage solutions in the ground (BTES) or in watertight pools (PTES).
  • Design, delivery, installation, and servicing of group nodes equipped with heat pumps.
  • Supply of district heating nodes equipped with heat pumps for local cooling production.
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