Numerical modeling supported by real data analysis and technical parameters allows us to develop an optimal concept for the transformation of RES for heating plants. A concept that is reliable, feasible, and meets the individual needs of the local heating system.

At Euros Energy, we are developing a series of analytical and modeling tools in parallel. We have developed proprietary tools and scripts that allow for quick analysis of needs and the development of preliminary proposals or concept variants. In this area, key to us is the analysis of real, archived data from the operation of the heating system. More information can be found in the Data Analysis section.

We use separate tools to perform precise, advanced simulations of complex systems.

During the work on the “Heating Plant of the Future” and “Cogeneration in the Local Energy System” projects, we have fully developed the capabilities of numerical modeling using the TRNSYS program, according to the proven methodology developed by the National Center for Research and Development. TRNSYS is a mature, proven, and continuously developed numerical tool for modeling complex systems, including heating systems. More information can be found in the TRNSYS Numerical Modeling section.

Depending on the needs, we also perform Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations using the OpenFOAM computational code. More information can be found in the CFD Modeling section.

Our research and development team is also developing proprietary solutions, particularly in the area of modeling thermal and cooling storage in the ground, which exceed the capabilities of other codes.

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